5 Step Fertilization and Weed-Control

1. Spring Application (March): consists of a seasonal fertilizer to jumpstart your grass growth and pre-emergent crabgrass control.

2. Late Spring Application (May): blanket application of broadleaf weed control for weeds that exist. This is applied when the weeds are most abundant in late spring after germination so your lawn looks better for the summer(a good chunk of the weeds have germinated by this point for the year) and since it’s usually dangerous to apply a liquid weed control during the hot summer months. This is the hardest one to wait for since those pesky weeds start to pop up in April.

3. Summer Application (June/July): consists of an application of slow release nitrogen fertilizer, and if weeds are present at the time of application a spot application of broadleaf weed control as needed.

---September is usually the best time to have aeration and overseeding performed (not part of the fertilization and weed-control program).  Click here to find out more: Aeration and Overseeding

4. Fall Application (October/November): consists of one final blanket weed control to kill weeds that popped up over the summer and to have your lawn looking good for the winter.

5. Winterization (November/December): a seasonal fertilizer designed to develop the root system for winter and give your lawn a faster green-up in the spring.

Other services offered:

Aeration (done in fall): this is one of the best and most fundamental lawn treatments available to stimulate the healthy growth of your lawn. An aerator machine makes finger sized holes in your yard and deposits the plugs on the surface for breakdown. It opens the pores of compacted soils and reduces unhealthy thatch buildup. Compaction and thatch are the primary obstacles that keep nutrients, water, and air from reaching the root structure. It is recommended that aeration be done annually in the fall.

Aeration with Overseeding and Starter Fertilizer (September):  we aerate your entire lawn.  We then spread a premium blend of three different types of tall fescue grass seed over the lawn through the spreader and the new grass will germinate in the aerator holes.  We then spread starter fertilizer to give it a boost.  We don’t recommend doing this during the spring because you will have to skip the first application.  The first application that keeps the crabgrass from germinating will keep the grass seed from germinating.  If you skip the first application the new grass seedlings will get choked out by the aggressive crabgrass. 

Price Structure

Lawns 5000 square feet and under

$200 for 5 step program

$90 Aeration Only

$225 Aeration + Starter Fertilizer+ Overseeding

Lawns 5000-10,000 square feet

$300 for 5 step program

$115 Aeration Only

$325 Aeration + Starter Fertilizer + Overseeding